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About Us


Steve Rhodes
Steve Rhodes - NLP Master Practitioner

As founding Director of Inspiring Breakthrough Steve has over 20 years commercial experience, in a number of senior positions, and has for the last 9 years been responsible for designing and delivering an enormous range of international learning and development events ranging from Selling and Exceptional Account Management skills to Senior Management leadership and coaching programmes. All have been built around the client’s unique and specific needs, we find out exactly what outcomes and changes are required, then design and deliver it.

Steve is an experienced Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer. He has an infectious energy and passion for personal development and Business growth.

The Team

All the associated members of our team are like minded professional Consultants, NLP Master Practitioners and Trainers, expert Facilitators and Coaches, with a wealth of experience to bring to your business. We spend time in consultation with you and your people getting to know and understand your organisation and strategy.

How we make a Difference with you

Whilst many companies in this field promote a one size fits all answer we at Inspiring Breakthrough firmly believe it necessary to create, in consultation with you and your specific business needs, unique development experiences, using leading edge learning techniques, enabling both individuals and teams to maximise their potential. These solutions have both inspired confidence and lead to incredible sustainable results and growth within multi-national organisations.
How do we inspire individuals and teams to breakthrough these barriers from where they are now to reach their true potential? Inspiring Breakthrough offers dramatically effective performance development and coaching solutions to organisations for personal and commercial growth. To do this, and deliver long lasting learning’s, we deliver solutions that inspire sustainable behavioural changes and stimulate the learners thinking rather than delivering traditional training and teaching.

The exciting experiences we develop all involve brain-based learning using accelerated learning techniques and NLP based experiential thinking. Howard Gardner's eight learning intelligences are all woven into the programmes to ensure the learning's are anchored in the subconscious of every delegate attending.
The most important element of the experiences is FUN. Over the years we have been accused of having the best job in the world as everyone enjoys the learning events and more importantly we get told we always look as though we are enjoying ourselves.... strange that isn't it!!

Our purpose in life and business is to inspire and support people in their development and the one thing that people say sets us apart is the passion and enthusiasm we demonstrate and the great thing about passion and enthusiasm is it is highly infectious. After working with us, your people will be compelled to make the changes they want to, developing themselves and improving rapidly your business performance.

The solutions we offer, always in line with your environment and culture, centre on two clear areas

What makes Inspiring Breakthrough different is we understand what links these two areas is exceptional communication and rapport building skills. We are seen as the difference that makes the difference.


Our aim is always to inspire and motivate individuals and teams to breakthrough the barrier of their perceived potential to reach the fulfilment of their imagination and true potential of achieving personal and organisational growth.


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